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Lampskärm Silk Flat

2,995.00 kr Ink. moms

Bordslampa Hippo

1,095.00 kr1,395.00 kr Ink. moms

Bordslampa Mars

999.00 kr Ink. moms

Lampskärm Silk Oval

1,295.00 kr Ink. moms

Lampskärm Silk Indochina

2,395.00 kr Ink. moms

Bordslampa Opal

1,895.00 kr Ink. moms

Vägglampa Leaf

1,145.00 kr Ink. moms
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Lampskärm Silk Round

1,695.00 kr Ink. moms
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Hikari S

1,175.00 kr Ink. moms
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Eldig pappersstjärna 70

629.00 kr Ink. moms

Oslo pappersstjärna 60

699.00 kr Ink. moms

Ruben vägglampa Brons

1,150.00 kr 595.00 kr Ink. moms

Golvlampa Wire

1,395.00 kr Ink. moms

AD Floor Lamp

5,500.00 kr Ink. moms

Vilda svart

1,795.00 kr Ink. moms